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Consumer Unit Upgrades

The consumer unit (traditionally known as the fuse board) is the most critical part of your electrical system. It sits at the heart of it all. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a modern consumer unit that can handle the demands of a modern home.

‘Consumer unit’ a technical term for the box that contains the circuit breakers, fuses and incoming mains power in the home. Due to continual improvements in electrical safety, many consumer units in the UK are out of date but many homeowners aren’t even aware of this. Replacing the consumer unit is certainly not a job for an amateur, yet it need not break the bank either.

From 2001 onwards, all British electrical installations were required to incorporate residual current device (RCD) protection. The main purpose is to make the unit safe when electricity is supplied outdoors. If a fault occurs, the RCD device trips and cuts power. Even if you don’t have any outdoor sockets, the law says that your consumer unit must feature RCD protection for all cables that are embedded into the wall of the property, with the exception of alarm circuits.

Professional installation is essential to ensure your consumer unit meets the most recent 18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations. TRJ Electric & PV Solar Ltd are fully qualified and competent to carry out a consumer unit installation or replacement in accordance with the governing regulations.

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